As of January 31st, 2020 "STAY THE COURSE" is moving to a new platform!



What does this mean for you?

You will need to migrate your account over to the new system ASAP so you don't risk loosing access to the courses you have purchased access to!

As a customer/user it is your responsibility to migrate your account over yourself. In doing it this way you will be able to select what you want your Username/Email/Login to be and you will be able to redeem the products that you have purchased on the previous system and bring them over to the new system under the login that you setup!

How do I Migrate my account over?

Over the next few days we will be sending out emails to the purchase email account used to purchase courses on our old system. In this email you will receive 

  • Instructions on how to migrate your account.
  • The Products / Online Course Access that you have purchased. 
  • A one-time-use Coupon Code for each course you have purchased (see note below)
  • A URL Link to take you to the page where you can redeem your purchases (see note below)


NOTE: You will receive a code & URL for each product that you have purchased! You MUST use this code with the URL specified in the email. Each Code is tied to a particular Product/Course and the URL will take you to the appropriate page to redeem that product/course to your account!

When can I Migrate my account over?

As soon as you get the "STAY THE COURSE - MIGRATE YOUR ACCOUNT" Email!

What Is My Login Username/Email Address?

When you redeem your first product/course the system will walk you through creating your account! Please use an email address of your choice, that you own, as your login to our system. 

Here is the URL to Login to the new site: 

NOTE: It is your responsibility to select and use an email address that you have access to. It does not matter what email address that you use because the coupon codes will tie the purchases to the email address that you setup your account with!

Video Tutorial - Migrate Account

Benefits of Migrating

  • You will have better access to the courses you have purchased access to!
  • You can add additional courses to your account with true instant-access!
  • You will have a single account email used for purchasing and membership access!
  • You will have special members content that's only available to people who have purchased access to courses!

Having Difficulties?

We have provided this document to help walk you through the process. There is also a video tutorial above that we encourage you to watch as it will walk you step-by-step. Sometimes things just don't go according to plan and we are here to help. Just submit a ticket with "Migrate Account" as the Subject and we will assist you any way that we can. Please keep in mind that during this migration process for STAY THE COURSE that our team and staff will be working diligently to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and that all issues that may arise will be handled as time resources are available.